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Gustavo Cunha

Tech Lead in Amsterdam - Netherlands

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Specialist in Computer Software Engineering, I’ve been working with Web Development since 2003 and currently I’m a Tech Lead at KPN.

I like to work in group, research new things, come with solutions to solve problems, especially the tough ones. I am very interested in mentoring, continuous learning and knowledge sharing. I enjoy challenges.

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Work Experience

Companies that I have worked for

Apr / 2018 Currently

KPN - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Software Engineer

Software Engineer working with Python 3, Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, API development, micro-services, Kubernetes, CI/CD deployment and development of support tools to improve the operations flow of the team and company.

Main achievements: Migration from on-premises codebase to cloud-native applications, team growth through knowledge sharing sessions, launch of key programs and API migrations, cross-team iPhone pre-order launch with 0 downtime, on-duty company devops team since January/2021

Role changes: In Sept/2021, I was promoted to the next scale at KPN and took over the role of Team Lead. In Jun/2022, my role was changed to Tech Lead, following an internal career reorganisation.

Jul / 2017 Mar / 2018

Streetbees - Lisbon - Portugal

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer using Ruby, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, React, Redux, among others. I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Trello, Slack and Git.

Oct / 2015 Jun / 2017

Landing.jobs - Lisbon - Portugal

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer helping to develop the company platform using Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq. I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Trello, Skype, Slack and Git, among others.

Sep / 2012 Sep / 2015

Quimbik, Inc - San Francisco - United States

Software Engineer

Software Engineer responsible for developing some of the company systems, in a Home Office base, using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Objective-C and Swift (iOS). I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Redmine, Pivotal, Skype, Slack and Git, among others.

Apr / 2014 Apr / 2015

Alagoas Dev Day - Maceió - Brazil

Cofounder / Organizer

Annual development event created to promote and strengthen the programming culture in Alagoas, bringing well known professionals from Brazil to share their experiences.

Jun / 2007 Aug / 2012

id5 Soluções Web - Maceió - Brazil

Programmer / System Analyst

Responsible for the analysis and development of some of the company systems. I started with maintaining and developing in a decision support system written in ASP / Access. Then, I moved up to take care of the content management systems writen in ASP / SQL Server. In 2010, the company changed the systems to a Wordpress based environment.

Mar / 2006 Mar / 2007

Correios - Maceió - Brazil

Development Intern

Responsible for maintaing the Regional Intranet of the company and develop new systems, under the close supervision of the System Analysts of the Company.

Mar / 2003 Sep / 2004

Secretaria de Fazenda de Alagoas / SEFAZ - Maceió - Brazil

Technical Support Intern

Technical Support Intern helping employees to use the computer and its resources. I also helped with data input to a productivity system. By the end of the internship, I developed a PHP system for an internal research.

Technical Skills

The subjects currently under my radar, but I'm always open to new technologies.

Software Engineering Python CI/CD Elixir Mentoring Leadership Git Testing Objective-C / Swift Agile PHP Ruby on Rails HTML / CSS React.js MySQL Vue.js PostgreSQL Learning

Education and Diplomas

What I did on my academic career

Nov / 2012

Centro Universitário CESMAC

Specialization, Computer Software Engineering

Specialization in Computer Software Engineering at Centro Universitário CESMAC, with a focus on Design Patterns, starting the course in March / 2011 and finishing in November / 2012

May / 2008

Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Alagoas, starting the course in June / 2002 and finishing in May / 2008

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