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Gustavo Cunha

Tech Lead in Amsterdam - Netherlands

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Specialist in Computer Software Engineering, I’ve been working with Web Development since 2003 and currently I’m a Software Engineer at KPN. Since 2010, I’m an enthusiast of Mobile Development and iOS certified developer since 2012 by IDS Tecnologia, first Apple Authorized Training Center in Latin America.

I like to work in group, research new things, come with solutions to solve problems, especially the tough ones. I enjoy challenges.

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Work Experience

Companies that I have worked for

Sep / 2021 Currently

KPN - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Team Lead / Software Engineer

On top of previous role, I was promoted to Team lead. Responsible for development, deployment and operationalization of APIs using Django and FastAPI, deployment on kubernetes cluster on AWS, improvement of team roadmap along with Product Owner, cross-team alignments and stability of applications on the cloud.

Apr / 2018 Aug / 2021

KPN - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Software Engineer

Software Engineer working with Python 3, Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, API development, micro-services, Kubernetes, CI/CD deployment and development of support tools to improve the operations flow of the team and company.

Main achievements: Migration from on-premises codebase to cloud-native applications, team growth through knowledge sharing sessions, launch of key programs and API migrations, cross-team iPhone pre-order launch with 0 downtime, on-duty company devops team since January/2021

Jul / 2017 Mar / 2018

Streetbees - Lisbon - Portugal

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer using Ruby, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, React, Redux, among others. I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Trello, Slack and Git.

Oct / 2015 Jun / 2017

Landing.jobs - Lisbon - Portugal

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer helping to develop the company platform using Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq. I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Trello, Skype, Slack and Git, among others.

Sep / 2012 Sep / 2015

Quimbik, Inc - San Francisco - United States

Software Engineer

Software Engineer responsible for developing some of the company systems, in a Home Office base, using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Objective-C and Swift (iOS). I work using tools to integrate the workflow routine, such as Redmine, Pivotal, Skype, Slack and Git, among others.

Apr / 2014 Apr / 2015

Alagoas Dev Day - Maceió - Brazil

Cofounder / Organizer

Annual development event created to promote and strengthen the programming culture in Alagoas, bringing well known professionals from Brazil to share their experiences.

Jun / 2007 Aug / 2012

id5 Soluções Web - Maceió - Brazil

Programmer / System Analyst

Responsible for the analysis and development of some of the company systems. I started with maintaining and developing in a decision support system written in ASP / Access. Then, I moved up to take care of the content management systems writen in ASP / SQL Server. In 2010, the company changed the systems to a Wordpress based environment.

Mar / 2006 Mar / 2007

Correios - Maceió - Brazil

Development Intern

Responsible for maintaing the Regional Intranet of the company and develop new systems, under the close supervision of the System Analysts of the Company.

Mar / 2003 Sep / 2004

Secretaria de Fazenda de Alagoas / SEFAZ - Maceió - Brazil

Technical Support Intern

Technical Support Intern helping employees to use the computer and its resources. I also helped with data input to a productivity system. By the end of the internship, I developed a PHP system for an internal research.

Technical Skills

The subjects currently under my radar, but I'm always open to new technologies.

React.js Elixir HTML / CSS PHP Git Vue.js CI/CD Teaching/Coaching Testing MySQL Software Engineering Learning Leadership Objective-C / Swift Agile Python Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL

Education and Diplomas

What I did on my academic career

Nov / 2012

Centro Universitário CESMAC

Specialization, Computer Software Engineering

Specialization in Computer Software Engineering at Centro Universitário CESMAC, with a focus on Design Patterns, starting the course in March / 2011 and finishing in November / 2012

May / 2008

Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Alagoas, starting the course in June / 2002 and finishing in May / 2008

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